About Us

Pigeon Technology is a trusted outsourcing company and a maker of pigeonmobi. pigeonsocial. pigeonseo and predionpredict. We provide enterprises with a wide range of IT products, solutions and services. We service various types of industries from financial services organizations, health care and services companies to retail and service-oriented businesses for more than ten years and expertise in customizing industry-leading technologies to suite business needs at a very affordable.

Pigeon Technology consists of a team of experts skilled in the field of branding, graphics design, software engineering, web and mobile development. We uphold industry standards in creating original designs that suite business requirement and budget. We follow a systematic and quantifiable approach to the development process from inception to release.

We are experts in building and deployment quality Business marketing tools and marketing collaterals. We are adept in building responsive web design and tools that work elegantly across multiple platforms and screens. Our multimedia and information technology team create powerful and effective presentations that can be integrated into your sales and marketing campaigns. Our extensive background in working with the following areas in marketing and advertising: Corporate Identity, Brand Design, Direct Marketing, Package Design, and other design collaterals can effectively meet your company’s expansion requirements.

We will help you meet the demands of your business at affordable cost and comply with industry standards and regulations, satisfy business partner requirements and adopt established best practices. Pigeon Technology consistently delivers high quality services to its clients around the world and ensures customers that projects are completed on time and within budget while remaining flexible to meet progressive changes that are attuned to the needs of the marketplace.

Our Mission

"We build modern digital tools and customize affordable applications that meet the demands of your Company's requirements while adopting Industry Information Technologies standard practice."